Sound Waves of Happiness

Experience joyful mood elevations, from brainwave entrainment and Chi Affirmations.

Sound Waves of happiness: Mood Elevator which helps with depression
Get Sound Waves of Happiness for ONLY $12.69, a truly healthy way to emotionally shine.

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Why feel sad, when you can feel glad?

Instantly boost your positive emotions with the power of your mind; with fractal chi energy sound waves, chi affirmations and brainwave entrainment rhythmically combined.


  • In today's silly world we can all use more positivity, by creating joy from within with higher receptivity.
  • Interact with your environment more joyfully, allowing it to make you feel joy fully.
  • Reprogramming yourself to think in more optimistic ways, which will allow you to see and/or create opportunities throughout your days.
  • Boost the Law of Attraction, for total satisfaction.
  • Feeling happy keeps you away from harmful stress, making greater health and longevity easier to possess.
  • A natural increase, of serotonin release.
  • Always be in the mood, for a joyful attitude.
  • Relieve symptoms caused by chronic depression, allowing you to maintain a more joyful expression.
  • Expensive/harmful medicine/drugs and/or supplements can now be waived, safely allowing your hard earned money to be easily saved.
  • All energy vampires welcome, to grab some euphoric chi energy with a happier outcome.
  • Increase your joyful aptitude, by using the power of gratitude.
  • Get ready to smile, for a while.

19 Subliminal Chi Energy Affirmations

Words rounded out to transfer energy in just the right amounts, bio-electrifying affirmations in a way that permanently counts.

Subliminal affirmations that tap into spiritual audiology, using whisper style dual-induction echo technology.

Using the writing style of E-Prime, combined with hypnotical rhyme.

Isochronic Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment with an proven euphoric design, which uses isochronic tones with frequencies that will allow you to happily shine.

Instructions/ Guidelines

  • Listen toSound Waves of Happinessas often as needed, listening to the entire track so chi affirmations can be properly seeded.
  • Simply use headphones or speakers that surround, for a higher quality that reflects a better sound.
  • Listening to chi music would be joyfully ideal, anytime you feel like expressing emotional appeal.
  • For optimum results listen to chi energy music in a routine way, which will allow you to feel more energized even without listening that day.

Sound Waves of Happiness Soundtracks

A variety of music will always bring, healing experiences that never get boring.

#TitleMusic ThemeTrack LengthMp3 Size (320 kbps)
1Happy HarmonicsFast Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
2Timeless HappinessModerate Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
3Code to JoyFast Tempo; Orchestra35 minutes75 MegaBytes
4Joyful BlissSlow Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
5Sera-TonesModerate Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
6Sounds of EuphoriaModerate Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
7Listen on the Bright SideModerate Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
8Happygenetic SoundsationsSlow Tempo35 minutes75 MegaBytes
Totals280 minutes600 MegaBytes

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

My confidence in chi energy music allows me to offer you a risk free; 30-Day unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Download Sound Waves of Happiness whenever you like on any device, while not having to worry about backing up your files always feels nice.


Always be connected to the latest production, of "Sound Waves of Happiness" super affirmation induction.


See what others have said, to give Soundwaves of Happiness more cred.

I really like the chi album sound waves of happiness. It perks me up and I noticed my thoughts becoming more positive over time.
Ashley B.

I have been heading in a downward spiral lately, and after listening to this album on and off over that last six months I've noticed my attitude towards life change slowly, and more positive things started to come my way. Thank you!
Adam S.

Great website and love the music too. It had a positive affect on me. Thank you and keep up the good work :)
Gale T.

Energy healing for for ONLY $12.69, from affirmations that's ab-soul-lightly devine.
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